Pattern Shop

Production of a pattern is the first important step to ensure high quality of castings produced.

At Z-MODEL you can find a highly qualified and experienced team of experts providing comprehensive design and technology support for model production. We‘re partners of many major foundries throughout Europe.
Within the framework of partnership co-operation we offer expert consultations for the selection of suitable production technology. All this with fast delivery times and cost-effective conditions for quality assurance of our own casting production.

Of course, there is the creation of pattern equipment directly from classic technical drawings, for the production of models from the supplied casting or damaged product.

With a friendly and flexible service as well as partner business philosophy, Z-MODEL becomes a sought-after partner with a wide range addressing industry clients.
Patterns are limited in weight by maximum overhead crane capacity up to 5,000 kg. We use high-quality plywood, blockboards and dried, mature solid material. Pattern machines are also produced in combination of wood with light metals or synthetic materials. We modify patterns for foundry technology.

We newly introduce 3D printing and scanning using the Stratasys F370 and F900 build size printers, as well as Atos Compact Scan mobile scanner. We use the FDM 3D printing technology, which is suitable for creating functional models and prototypes.

We‘re able to provide the following technologies:

shape sensing into Polydure
Patterns and prototypes for engineering
Epoxy, polyurethane and silicone resin model devices

Machinery and options

  • Two 5-axis CNC machining centres

    • SAHOS with working surface 4800 x 2000 x 500 mm
    • SAHOS with working surface 3000 x 2000 x 900 mm
  • Free hand pressing models up to 5000 x 4000 x 8500 mm segmented indefinitely.
  • Software: Solid Works

  • 3D Printer F900 (914x610x914)

  • 3D Printer F370 (355x254x355)

  • 3D Scanner Atos Compact


For preparing liquid metal in furnace aggregates or for off-furnace processing we offer the following products:


For the production and treatment of sand moulds and cores we offer the following products:


In addition to the production and sale of foundry products, we also deal with the production and supply of steel castings, cast iron and non-ferrous and colourful metals for all industries. We mainly specialise in castings for hydroelectric power plants up to a piece weight of 18 tons.


In co-operation with our partners we‘re able to offer the following service and advice:

  • Design of technology and optimal casting
  • Casting solidification simulation
  • Advice on the introduction of ductile iron production
  • Optimising the inoculation and modification of cast iron